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As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the world, we have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our team members and global distribution network. We are happy to report that our supply chain is continuing to operate without any delays and in-turn, there has been minimal to no impact on our production lead time and service turn-around.

Many of you may be isolation with free time to wrench on your cars. We encourage you to capitalize on having this extra time and taking advantage of our speedy turnaround windows on damper service, repairs, upgrades, and re-valves.

While our dampers do not lose their respective forces throughout their life-cycles due to our proprietary valving mechanisms, heat and friction do take their toll on the wearable items internally. A full damper service includes a comprehensive tear down, thorough cleaning, and re-assembly of each damper in its entirety with all new o-rings, teflon piston bands, oil seals, and dowty seals. Each damper is then run on a damper dyno throughout its operating range at various velocities to ensure proper functionality. To get started with damper service, simply follow the steps here:

We are here to answer any questions you might have regarding damper service intervals, upgrades, or technical questions related to the setup and tuning of your dampers. We send our very best to each and every one of you through these unprecedented times!

The old proverb “good things come to those who wait” rings truer today than ever. Our consumers have asked for a 4W system since the inception of MCS in 2011. We are very excited to share more information on our new 4W adjustable damper system that we announced at PRI last year.

We started with a blank canvas and created a brand new piston assembly. Both digressive and linear piston options are available and MCS will work closely with car builder and/or car engineer to define the most appropriate force curves and operating ranges for the intended application, allowing for more finite adjustment of damping forces.

Utilizing our proprietary adjustment mechanism, both low speed rebound (10 clicks) and high speed rebound damping forces (18 clicks) are manipulated independently from a single knob at the shaft-end. As the user turns the low speed rebound adjuster, bleed is introduced through a series of orifices. As the user turns the high speed rebound adjuster, engagement of a blow-off valve is adjusted.

Both low speed compression (10 clicks) and high speed compression (18 clicks) damping forces are manipulated within the remote reservoir head, like on our 3W system. Our orifice technology manipulates bleed to the compression stroke while our blow-off valve assembly manipulates high speed compression hits. Changes to the 4W reservoir allows for more finite control of the compression adjustment range.

For our fellow shock geeks, this new 4W piston assembly offers many unique ways to fine-tune the force curves during a re-valve.

MCS is proud to have been chosen by PCA Club Racing to become the new damper manufacturer and supplier for the Spec Boxster (SPB) racing series. Our immediate focus is to resolve supply chain issues. MCS 1WNR SPB damper systems will begin shipping the week of April 1st, 2019. Full sets and spares will be available for purchase through our trusted and knowledgeable dealer network. The part number for the MCS 1WNR SPB damper system is “SET-1WNR-SPB-01” with a cost of $2,650.00.

Our 1WNR damper system has proven to be a reliable, consistent, and race-winning damper with long service intervals, and has been chosen by several other one-make and Spec racing series’ for these reasons. Racers competing in the SPB series can expect to run their dampers as long as 150 race hours before a damper service is needed. MCS dampers are manufactured, serviced, and repaired at our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, with strict focus on speedy turn-around windows for damper service & repairs.

Our damper is completely compatible with the existing SPB spring package and original Porsche strut mounts. For those replacing the former damper, the entire spring stack will simply transfer over to the new MCS damper. For those building new cars who require a new spring package, the Tarett Engineering Spec Boxster spring kit (#SBSK) will pair with our dampers for a complete system. Detailed install instructions will accompany each damper set.

Our team is made up of racers alike and we understand the importance of a well structured contingency program for competitors. MCS cash will be available to competitors through a contingency program within the PCA and NASA. For details on the contingency program with PCA, please follow this link. For details for the contingency program with NASA, please follow this link.

We are excited to offer you this new SPB damper, our proven worldwide expertise, and the best customer service in the industry. We are available by phone or email to answer any questions that you might have. As a Porsche Club Racing sponsor, we’ve had feet on the ground at countless races over the last several years and look forward to attending countless more throughout the 2019 season.

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