Motion Control Suspension | Motorsport & Premium Dampers
  1. Warnings

        • Please use the supplied jam nuts to secure each damper to its upper mount (two each damper).
        • Do NOT use an impact gun or any pneumatic tools to install the supplied jam nuts.
        • Do NOT hold the 8mm brass hex nut at the shaft-end to prevent the shaft from spinning when tightening the jam nuts. Instead, follow the procedure below. The brass nut is the rebound adjuster and can be damaged easily from improper installation methods.

    Jam Nut Tightening Procedure

        1. Set the adjusters to click 9 from full soft in their adjustment range before securing the supplied jam nuts. 
        2. Install the first jam nut until it bottoms out onto your top mount bushing or washer. Turn the nut with a wrench until the shaft begins the spin.
        3. Install the second jam nut until it bottoms out onto the first jam nut. Hold the first jam nut with a tappet wrench (thin wrench) and tighten the second jam nut in a quick jerking motion to cinch the nuts together.

    General Information

        • 1WNR dampers are single-adjustable dampers.
        • 1WNR dampers are of monotube construction and contain both oil and nitrogen gas. A dividing piston separates the oil and gas cavities.
        • Each damper is dyno tested at various velocities throughout its entire operating range before a final inspection and packaging.
        • Please consult with your dealer for baseline settings. Vehicle weight, spring rates, and other variables influence ideal starting settings.