New Motion Control Suspension US Headquarters


Motion Control has moved into our new home!  The MCS US Headquarters is located in Alpheretta, GA in a 4,000sqft facility complete with offices, a roomy workshop with full prototyping and machining capabilities, a cleanroom for assembly of smaller precision pieces, storage rooms for both completed dampers and a full range of individual parts, and a shop area for testing and modeling new products on vehicles.

The MCS US Headquarters will also serve as a manufacturing and assembly facility.  All dampers will be built in the USA for the worldwide market.  A pending European sales office will allow us to service to our customers outside North America more easily.

If you are in the area, stop by to see us and check out the new operation!

Motion Control Suspension Coilover Shop

Motion Control Suspension Machine Room

Motion Control Suspension Work Bench

Motion Control Suspension

Coilover Shock Bodies

racing damper shock bodies

MCS shock damper coilover clean assemble room

racing coilover bodies


MCS Strut Body

Assembly of MCS dampers / shocks / coilovers

Motion Control Suspension Office

MCS office

MCS headquarters